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Sheropack will do the best to bring you the packaging solutions from Nonwoven fabric rolls , sealing tapes to tarpaulin covers to meet your needs .

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Resealable self adhesive tape,for sealing BOPP, OPP, PP,PE plastic flap bags. Having following major sizes , HDPE9mmx1000meters per roll,30rolls per carton HDPE15mmx1000meters per roll,20rolls per carton HDPE17mmx1000meters per roll,12rolls per carton Minimum order quantity 50cartons without any print Minimum order quantity 150cartons with your brand print . Permanent sealing tape,for sealing plastic courier bags,mailing express bags, Having following major sizes , 12mmx500meters per roll,10rolls per carton 15mmx500meters per roll,10rolls per carton 18mmx500meters per roll,10rolls per carton Minimum order quantity 50cartons,without any print . Can not print .

Permanent sealing tape for sealing plastic courier bags damage tape 12mmx500meters per roll 15mmx500meters per roll 18mmx500meters per roll

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